We Participated FIREX International Exhibition In England On June 18-20

We Participated FIREX International Exhibition In England On June 18-20

We attended the FIREX International fair in London, England on June 18-20. FIREX International is the only event that connects the global fire and security markets, and gives fire and security professionals access to the very latest technology from suppliers across the world, cutting-edge solutions and the essential knowledge to ensure life safety. So whether you work solely in the fire industry or across both fire and security, a visit to FIREX International is a must. The interest in the FIREX Fire Exhibitional in London was considerable. FIREX fair, which is organized especially by companies that produce and sell in the Middle East and European countries, was held between June 18 and 20 with seminars where a lot of important topics were covered by the fair area and the sector.

Very Much Interested In Our Stand and Products

We took our place at the fair booth number A545. We have exhibited our Sprinkler, Test & Drainage Van products in the product range of fire systems. We also exhibited our Fire Product Wood, which consists of Wet Alarm Valve, Indicator Butterfly Valve, OS & Y Valve, NRS Valve and Sprinkler. Companies from the United Kingdom and the Middle East participated in the FIREX exhibitions and visited our stand to find out about our production processes and technical information about our products. We have the opportunity to increase our products and brand awareness in the UK market, where we have the opportunity to meet with leading industry companies producing fire-fighting products.

Alan Brison, head of EFSN - European Fire Sprinkler Network in central London, also visited our stand and exchanged ideas by meeting with General Manager Faruk Çizmecioğlu.

General Manager Faruk ÇİZMECİOĞLU, Export Manager Volkan KOÇAL and England Manager Fatih AKICI participated in the fair from Duyar Valve.

Why you should attend FIREX International?

Whether you buy products or you install products FIREX International is the place for you.

  • See the newest products to reach the market, from both global and local manufacturers, and ensure you're up to speed with all the latest technological innovations
  • Meet the distributors and integrators who can ensure your fire safety offering is streamlined for maximum cost savings while still specifically matching your requirements
  • Network with your peers and share ideas
  • Learn how you can influence and implement the most appropriate solutions
  • Free education programmes offer invaluable insights into key development areas in the fire safety industry, equipping you for business growth in local and export markets 
  • Get an overview of the latest trends in fire safety, to maintain and hone your competitive edge

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