Flow Meter by Duyar Now FM Approved!

Flow Meter by Duyar Now FM Approved!

Continuing our pioneering position in the industry, we are constantly setting new milestones with the slogan "The Power of Domestic Production." We continue to crown our products developed with international quality certificates.

As Duyar, we continuously improve the quality and variety of our products in line with evolving needs and technologies of our sector. We design, manufacture, test, and control the products we produce in our own facilities with our expert team, and we validate our efforts with international quality certificates. Our latest product to receive an international quality certificate is the Duyar Flow Meter.

The dedication and determination exhibited by our Duyar R&D team in the production process of the Duyar Flow Meter, form the foundation of our product's success. With unwavering commitment, we have solidified the quality of our new product, which we proudly offer to the industry, as an FM-approved product, we are establishing ourselves as a global brand and a leading player.

Commenting on the matter, Mehmet Çim, Duyar's Director of Business Development and Marketing, said, "The Duyar Flow Meter, which ensures the control of whether the fire pump flow rate meets the label value and whether the periodically specified flow rates are achieved, is both a domestic and efficient product. Like many of our domesticly produced products before, we have succeeded in obtaining an FM certificate for this product by meeting all the requirements of international standards. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful process."

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