ISK-Sodex Istanbul Fair Witnessed the DUYAR Storm!

ISK-Sodex Istanbul Fair Witnessed the DUYAR Storm!

The DUYAR storm swept through the ISK-Sodex Istanbul 2023 Fair held at the Istanbul Fair Center from October 25 to 28.

Duyar, a leading company in the fire and mechanical installation products sector, received intense attention once again as it showcased its innovative and smart products at the ISK-Sodex Istanbul 2023 Fair. With the participation of nearly 1,000 companies and brands from 19 countries, including 15% from abroad, the fair attracted a total of 89,694 visitors. Duyar stood out as the most prominent brand at the fair. Among the most eye-catching products at the Duyar booth was the Smart Valve, and the Flow Meter, the first-ever produced in Turkey and approved by FM, also received high praise from visitors.

Smart Valve Sets a Visitor Record!

Duyar, a leader in the mechanical installation and fire sectors with its domestic production products and systems, once again captivated the attention of mechanical installation professionals with its product groups. While all product groups at the Duyar booth drew attention, the most eagerly awaited product was the Smart Valve, developed by the Duyar R&D team after extensive research. The R&D team had a busy fair, answering questions from hundreds of local and international visitors closely examining the Smart Valve.

What is the Smart Valve?

The Smart Valve, equipped with hardware to measure pressure, temperature, and flow values in the installation, observes and reports all these values through an IoT interface. This makes it possible to measure the efficiency of the installation and allows for analysis with different scenarios.

'Keep Following Duyar!'

Duyar R&D Director Yakup Ege, who answered visitors' questions with great satisfaction at the fair, emphasized that Duyar, as a leading company in the mechanical installation sector, operates with a mission of "being local and national, meeting the country's needs, and realizing the country's development only through production." He highlighted that the mission drives them to work more and develop products needed by the industry. Dr. Yakup Ege stated, "We believe that the interest we received from industry professionals visiting our booth during the fair is the result of our efforts. This will be a driving force for new products. Keep following Duyar." While saying this, he has already created curiosity about the innovative and smart products that the Duyar R&D team will introduce until the next SODEX fair.

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