Customer Feedback Guide

Customer Feedback Guide

Duyar has established a "Feedback Handling Process" to evaluate your feedback on every subject.  This process complies with the requirements of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Quality Management System Standard.

Our basic policy is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with a sense of quality that will meet the needs and changing expectations of our customers. Therefore, Duyar Valve sees the feedback of its customers as an opportunity to develop and improve its processes. All your feedback on suggestions, requests, criticisms, complaints, thanks or other issues are recorded and evaluated in a transparent and objective manner.


You can provide feedback in any of the following ways.

1.a Via the Internet

Our domestic customers can make a notification from the FAST CONTACT menu on our website www.duyar.com and our international customers can make a notification from the FAST CONTACT menu on our website www.duyar.com/en/.

1.b Via E-mail

Our domestic customers can send their requests to teknik@duyarvana.com.tr e-mail address and our international customers can send their requests to technic@duyar.com e-mail address.

1.c Via Fax

Our domestic or international customers can send their requests to the fax number +90 212 355 07 47.

1.d Through Customer Representatives

Our domestic or international customers can submit their requests through their customer representatives who are responsible for them.

1.e Via Telephone

Our domestic customers can report their requests to our customer contact center at 444 8262. International customers can make a call by adding +90 to the number above.


Our customers' feedbacks are recorded at the same time if the request is received via web, on the same day if received via other channels if during working hours, or on the following business day if it is out of working hours. The registration receipt of the request is automatically sent to the e-mail address with the request number and password.

Duyar Valve approaches all feedbacks within the framework of the principles committed in the "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY", resolves and returns. It always responds to every feedback.

The Customer Support Services Unit conducts an initial review and evaluation of the customer's feedback and determines the status of the feedback in terms of its seriousness, impact on security, complexity and the need for immediate action. The status is determined according to the following parameters:

Urgent/High Priority: Priority status requiring urgent intervention at a high level of importance. Notifications with high risk for occupational health and safety, notifications with high risk for environmental safety, notifications with high material damage are evaluated in this status. For urgent priority feedbacks, the response time for notifying the customer of the decision and providing the solution is maximum 2 business days. For feedbacks of this nature, an urgent technical visit is planned and the nonconformity is intervened.

Normal Priority: All other feedbacks that do not require urgent intervention at a high level of importance but need improvement. For normal priority feedback, at the end of the evaluation, the customer may be requested to visit the customer or the customer may be asked for various arguments about the feedback in order to respond to the feedback and provide a solution. The response time for normal priority feedback is a maximum of 10 working days from the date of the visit or the delivery of the requested arguments, where necessary.

Low Priority: Requests other than complaints (Request / Suggestion, Thank You / Satisfaction) are evaluated in this category and the customer is notified within the legal period.


Duyar Valve undertakes to keep the notifications received from its customers confidential and to inform its customers before sharing information in cases involving legal obligations.

Customer Feedback Guide, Duyar has established a "Feedback Handling Process" to evaluate your feedback on every.