SAP Strategy Management Solution Are Continued Successfully!

SAP Strategy Management Solution Are Continued Successfully!

We have successfully maintained the SAP Strategy Management Project, which was the first step in April of 2016, for 1.5 years. This  project carried out in partnership with the Duyar and Acron, over 100 KPI's presentation through SAP and the target comparison of instantaneous data is possible.

SAP's experience in both the global arena and the Turkish market, as well as the consulting service offered by the experienced business partner and the scoring system that operates in the logic of the SSM software in Balanced Scorecard. The suitability for the structure within the company were the most important factors in choosing SAP.

We are proud of being one of the few companies using SAP Strategy Management solution that started by Strategic Management Department of Duyar Valve.

Thanks to this solution, we are able to monitor and track processes that have already been monitored through excel in a more systematic manner. We also enable the actively use of SAP Software's reporting capability and dashboards, enabling effective analysis of open analyses.

In this project, our goal is to complete the first phase of the 500 unique indicators including integration with ERP and the creation of target cards at the department level.

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