Riser Manifold Received FM Approval!

Riser Manifold Received FM Approval!

Duyar Valve Breaks New Ground Once Again...

Our Commercial Riser Manifold Received FM Approval!

Powered by our passion for local production, we continue to make significant investments.

The Riser Manifold adds great value to piping systems thanks to its compact design, quick assembly and low operating costs. In addition to its UL certificate, the Commercial Riser Manifold has successfully received its FM certificate after the FM approval process.

Duyar Valve’s R&D Director, Yakup Ege said:

“The Riser Manifold is an innovative product designed for compact and easy installation. We have completed the FM certification process for our UL-certified product. I want to thank everyone for their dedication.”

What is the Commercial Riser Manifold?

The Duyar Commercial Riser Manifold has been designed to expedite installations in wet sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA requirements. A flow switch creates a signal in case of fire as a result of incoming flow. It sends this signal to a control board or electric bell to indicate the floor, zone or branch of the building that is on fire. The sprinkler system can be instantly tested and drained via the orifice of its test and drain valves. The Commercial Riser Manifold consists of a flow switch, three-way manometer control valve, a pressure gauge and a convenient test and drain valve.

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