New Developments in Duyar's R&D Department

New Developments in Duyar's R&D Department

As of 2022, we have achieved substantial advancements and significant innovative developments within our product portfolio.

We have made remarkable strides in certifying numerous products for the international market, elevating our designs to be not only efficient but also highly original.

International Certification Studies

In 2022, we introduced our grooved check valve pressure reducers, a valuable addition to our portfolio of fire protection products. We have demonstrated our commitment to international quality standards by securing FM-UL certificates for our flow monitors and pressure switches, obtaining the CE certificate for our wet alarm valve, and acquiring the FM-UL certificate for our traceable butterfly valves. Within the industrial valve group, we have expanded our product portfolio by introducing threaded steam traps and globe valves with metal bellows.

Pressure Reducers

Our pressure reducer distinguishes itself from other products by offering exceptionally low pressure drop and high sensitivity values for fire protection systems.

Original Design Grooved Check Valve

Our grooved check valve stands out from its competitors thanks to its compact, capless design and valve mechanism that ensures high repeatability during operation.

Tapered Design Globe Valve

Our globe valve featuring a metal bellows exhibits enhanced sealing capacity, preventing dirt buildup in the sealing area of the equipment, all due to its innovative conical valve design.

Design and Efficiency Combined in Steam Traps

Our steam trap products boast innovative diffuser designs that distribute pressure on the body, resulting in longer and more stable operating times.  

P&D Studies and Topology Analyses

At Duyar, we are committed to continuous improvement and enhancement of all our products, while also striving to reduce the carbon footprint of our existing products.  We have successfully incorporated these improvements, backed by topology analyses, into our strainers, ball valves, and gate valves.

Duyar's Digitalization Journey with Smart Valve Systems

Duyar's digitalization journey continues as a process. We have successfully concluded the prototype studies for the Smart Valve System, which integrates sensors and smart systems. 

Currently, we refer to smart systems as autonomous systems. Today, these systems are known for their ability to store and interpret large amounts of data in the data pool. Throughout the phases of sensing, control, communication, and data that we have traversed, there is still considerably valuable work ahead of us. With IoT technology, objects are now able to communicate with each other. There have also been significant developments in the area of installation components.

As a nation, it is imperative for us to pioneer technologies that can seamlessly contribute data to this shared data pool, ensuring that we remain interconnected and at the forefront of technological advancements. So why is this data important, why is it being collected? First of all, they are important for us to understand and analyze the current status of our products. It is important for critical predictions... For example, for predictive maintenance... The biggest advantage of smart systems is not transfer of information after an incident.  Similar to a seasoned veteran, the technology should possess the capability to alert users and proactively take precautionary measures before the occurrence of an event. For this reason, we should focus on possible situations and move to the waste prevention stage. 

Smart Valve ensures that consumption is kept at an optimal level, energy efficiency is increased and operating costs are reduced. Considering these requirements, the Smart Valve system defines a plant as a network that comprises diverse elements functioning cohesively to achieve specific objectives. Its aim to achieve optimal plant and resource management by exercising precise control and detection capabilities over each gate within the plant network. The inclusion of scenarios for valve position, flow, pressure, and energy makes the Smart Valve system highly beneficial for users as it enables effective monitoring, control, and analysis of plants. Its compatibility with IoT and Modbus connection types makes it easy to integrate with any system. We are on the verge of introducing a groundbreaking product for industrialists and the HVAC sector, boasting innovative, eco-friendly features and design.  Our Smart Valve product, the result of Duyar Valve's high value-added, eco-friendly, and autonomous product development efforts, will emerge as the most dependable solutions partner during the digital transformation of our customers' facilities.

New Developments in Duyar's R&D Department. As of 2022, we have achieved substantial advancements and significant innovative developments within our product portfolio.

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