Let's Get to Know Our R&D Director Yakup Ege Closer!

Let's Get to Know Our R&D Director Yakup Ege Closer!

Innovating Globally, Recognized Worldwide

Yakup Ege, Director of Research and Development at Duyar: “Building on the inspiration drawn from our 21 utility model and patent studies to date, we are determined to further expand the scope of these studies in the future. I am firmly convinced that we will be a company that is recognized in the world for its innovative strength.”

In 2022, Duyar made significant strides in its product portfolio, achieving remarkable innovations and important breakthroughs. We have made remarkable strides in certifying numerous products for the international market, elevating our designs to be not only efficient but also highly original. Undoubtedly, our R&D team plays a crucial role in driving and achieving these innovative endeavors. Our R&D team has valuable members. One of them is Yakup Ege. Let's take a closer look at Yakup Ege, our exceptional R&D director, who has achieved remarkable accomplishments alongside our dedicated R&D team.

Could you briefly tell us about yourself? How did your paths cross with Duyar?

I was born in Istanbul in 1983. I completed my elementary, middle and high school education in Istanbul. After completing my education at Bahçelievler Anatolian High School, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kayseri Erciyes University. For a duration of two years, I held the position of a service engineer, specializing in autonomous machines, at an Italian company. I was truly impressed by Duyar's continuous dedication to improving and achieving set goals as a local manufacturing company. In 2008, my Duyar adventure began as a maintenance and repair specialist. I continued this adventure with leadership roles in the maintenance and repair and production departments. Given my interest in automation projects, I pursued higher education in the field and obtained both a master's degree and a doctorate in electrical electronics from Arel University. I have had the opportunity to lead more than 50 projects in the areas of test equipment automation, CNC workbench automation, motor driver circuits, PCB designs, Scada systems, lean manufacturing and autonomous maintenance. Currently, I am serving as the R&D director, a role I commenced in 2020. Working alongside exceptional teams within the R&D department, we collaboratively develop projects focusing on agile product development, smart automation valves, fire protection valves, and sustainable technologies. I am married and a father of 2 daughters.

How do you create value for your customers?

At Duyar, we hold sustainability, innovation, domestic production at both international and national levels, and digital transformation as our core values. In line with these principles, we continuously evolve, not only in our product offerings but also in our value system.

In creating these values according to the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model, we take into account all our internal and external stakeholders. Our universities, suppliers, employees, project managers, certification bodies, end users, mechanics and foundations are all our stakeholders. For example, within this framework we develop our relationships with foundations such as AFSA, NFPA, ASHREE and national / international certification bodies such as FM, UL, TSE.


Among our various projects, we are engaged in notable collaborations, including the sustainable valve project in partnership with Istanbul Technical University and the digital amplifier circuits project with Yıldız Technical University. In addition, we actively pursue product development projects tailored to address the specific needs and demands of our suppliers. To uphold our commitment to environmental preservation and waste reduction, we continually update our products through cutting-edge technological analysis. We create our designs accordingly. Our product lineup boasts remarkable innovations such as the Riser Manifold, designed to reduce waste of labor, our award-winning and patented Compact Strainer, and our revolutionary Ball Valves, which excel in environmental protection. Out of respect for life, we never compromise on quality. Because it is these values that keep us going. It is our responsibility to protect them. We are also working on projects to manufacture IoT sensor technologies and smart products as part of our commitment to industrial innovation and infrastructure. In support of sustainable cities and living spaces, we manufacture control sensors and valves with national and international certifications, playing a pivotal role in fire installations. In the realm of certified fire pressure switches and flow switches, I am proud to share that we have achieved a remarkable feat by ranking among the top five globally, besides being a leading force in the domestic market.


Engaging in Lean and Kaizen studies has been a core focus for our organization for approximately 10 years. We use lean tools in all our design and manufacturing processes, following the motto: “Anything the customer doesn't pay for is waste.” We are using digital transformation tools to make our processes faster and easier to analyze. In 2022, we successfully implemented the PLM project, integrating advanced analysis and design programs that enable us to maintain complete control over our products throughout their entire life cycle, starting from the initial stages of development and design. We take immense pride in our achievement of winning the 3rd prize at TİM Inovalig 2019, where these values were crowned. Furthermore, our “I have an idea” system, for which we conducted an award ceremony in 2023, stands as a significant testament to the value we place on the creative contributions of all our employees for nearly 7 years.

What does Duyar promise its customers for the future?

Aligned with our vision to be “the preferred brand” in the markets we serve, we are committed to continuous innovation, domestic production, and making a positive impact on society and the environment. Through the elimination of waste in our processes, we strive to become one of the leading companies adept at implementing agile product development, accelerated by digital transformation.


Building on the inspiration drawn from our 21 utility model and patent studies to date, we are determined to further expand the scope of these studies in the future. I am firmly convinced that we will be a company that is recognized in the world for its innovative strength. It is well known that we develop devices that can perceive and generate data. Our locally manufactured “smart valve” is currently undergoing testing as we prepare to transition it to mass production. Equipped with advanced measurement sensors, this innovative valve can accurately measure parameters such as temperature, energy, flow rate, and pressure. Moreover, it facilitates seamless data flow at these measurement points, enabling precise control of the plant's flow with the implementation of various scenarios. In this context, I should mention that this is a highly innovative product and all electronic cards and software were developed by experienced engineers of Duyar. Exactly, in this context, we will continue to focus on our device productions, incorporating IoT technology. Through these projects, Duyar aims to embrace the data age by manufacturing products that align seamlessly with the latest advancements.


We will actively increase the number of products equipped with international quality certificates for products we produce for fire extinguishing systems, one of our leading products. In particular, our fire protection valves, which feature a high-precision pressure reducer and a compact design, are among our new products that we are looking to launch in 2024. In the realm of industrial valves, we will be introducing products that proudly bear the Duyar quality stamp. Very soon, our globe valves with metal bellows and steam traps will be prime examples of this product group. Our valves featuring metal bellows are designed to prevent dirt accumulation thanks to their conical valve design. This allows them to serve the industry for a longer period of time. Thanks to the special diffuser used in our steam traps, we can achieve more stable working conditions.

What advice would you give to actors in the sector to make their work more efficient?

We are at a time where we need to give importance to ideas and innovations and be patient. It is vital that we put aside our prejudices and assumptions when looking for innovations. The current circumstances and conditions we face necessitate swift decision-making on our part. If we do not want to be confronted with their negative effects in the long run, we should set our priorities right. One method for doing this is risk analysis. The FMEA methods we currently employ in product development have proven to be instrumental in providing valuable insights and guidance. I have full confidence that our unwavering commitment to these issues in our sector and the values we have upheld so far will elevate the perception of manufacturing in Türkiye to new heights.  I think we need to use the intelligence, perception and focus of society. We should unite in our intentions and find common ground seeking solutions. Each stakeholder involved must put their hands on the deck. We use these tools primarily in brainstorming to solve problems. We often get pleasantly surprising and remarkable outcomes. But we still have to keep helping each other. If personal interests take precedence, breaking the cycle becomes a challenging task. We need to collaboratively strive to establish a win-win situation. By adopting this mindset and following a well-structured plan, I am confident that our sector will experience enhanced efficiency and productivity in the future. 

Let's Get to Know Our R&D Director Yakup Ege Closer!

Let's take a closer look at Yakup Ege, our exceptional R&D director, who has achieved remarkable accomplishments alongside our dedicated R&D team.

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