Let's get to know our Business Development and Marketing Director, Mehmet ÇİM!

Let's get to know our Business Development and Marketing Director, Mehmet ÇİM!

You can reach the full interview of our Business Development and Marketing Director, Mehmet ÇİM, describing his contributions to Duyar and his journey from product to solution within the framework of 9 years of effort.

How did your paths cross with Duyar?

I was born in 1982 in Giresun. In 2005, I graduated from Erzurum Atatürk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 2006, after completing my military service, I worked as a sales specialist in a company operating in the field of fire protection systems for nearly 3 years. Afterward, I worked as a regional sales coordinator in an international pump and valve manufacturer for 5 years. In 2014, thinking that I would contribute to Duyar's vision with my career plans, we made a decision with Duyar Vana executives, and I became a Duyar employee. Since 2017, I have been working as Business Development and Marketing Director at Duyar. At the same time, I have been a member of the Board of the Turkish Fire Protection Association (TÜYAK) for two terms. I am married and the father of two.

How do you create value for customers?

At Duyar, we have been manufacturing valves for the HVAC industry since 1965, focusing on the essential branch of mechanical installations in the construction sector. In the past 15 years, we have entered the fire industry by producing UL Listed and FM Approved sprinkler products, which is a first in our country. Currently, we hold the distinction of being the only company in the world that can produce a wide range of products for wet fire protection systems, including fire pumps, flow switches, sprinklers, and indicating butterfly valves, under our own brand.


Currently, we are focused on new investments and new products with our technical capacity and our 6 production facilities, each of which has its own R&D structure. By working with world-renowned certification organizations to document our product quality objectively and raise our quality/safety standards to the highest level, we have gained a significant advantage in terms of competition in the global market.

We are also conducting various studies for the preservation of a sustainable environment and energy resources. With the awareness of the significant role of digital transformation and the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the future, we have designed our "Smart Valve" product with an IoT infrastructure. This innovative product allows monitoring and control of flow, temperature, energy, and pressure in installations. It provides autonomous control options in the connected facility with different scenario selections. We have reached the final stage in R&D studies related to our "Smart Valve" product. We aim to start mass production of this product in 2024. We will continue to look ahead to the future."


With our CRM project that we launched in 2018, we have taken a significant step in meeting customer expectations, analyzing them, and directing all our activities. As new processes and functionalities are added each day, our aim is to significantly increase customer satisfaction. With the integration of current technologies, we strive to reflect our organizational perspective and values by continuously improving the quality of our products and services, enhancing customer service, and increasing operational efficiency. From this standpoint, I can sincerely say that we will not only adapt to change but also continue leading the change in our industry.


In addition to all these, another important topic that we address socially with our manufacturer identity is the work we do to increase engineering knowledge, ethics and manners related to the sector in which we operate. In this sense, we are in constant contact with educational institutions, especially universities and vocational high schools, non-governmental organizations, and professional chambers. In line with our slogan "We are sensitive to young ideas!", on the one hand, we support the innovative projects of educational institutions as both consultants and sponsors, and on the other hand, we organize numerous technical trainings across Türkiye throughout the year. The aim of this is both to contribute to the development of our industry and to help create qualified human resources for our industry.

What do you promise to your customers? Can you also tell us a little bit about the Art of Flow?

As a result of feedback from the market and our partners, we have reorganized the DNA of our brand in terms of discourse and approach. Embracing the motto "The A.R.T. of Flow" (A: Accessible, R: Responsive, T: Trusted), we have developed initiatives that prioritize being a solution partner rather than a mere product supplier, fostering two-way communication and interaction with all our partners. In this context, we host industry-leading companies, institutions, organizations, and individuals in our production facilities through the "Lead the Flow - Expedition Tour." These events serve as platforms where we share our brand's awareness and development as Duyar, while also engaging in mutual evaluation of ideas and advancements related to our products and the industry. Through these interactions, we enable our partners to contribute to the growth of our brand, products, and, consequently, our sector. Additionally, to encourage the evaluation of the "Lean Management/Production" approach, which holds increasing significance and is applied within our organization, we organize the "GO Lean" webinar series targeting international companies and organizations, reaching various regions worldwide.

What would you advise industry players to do their jobs more efficiently?

The global energy and supply chain challenges we have experienced in recent years indicate that the HVAC and fire sector, like all other sectors, will face difficulties in terms of costs and investments in the coming years. On the other hand, climate change is one of the biggest ongoing problems for our world. Due to climate change, sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, and average temperatures are visibly increasing. Unfortunately, this is leading to natural disasters such as flash floods, landslides, and large-scale forest fires. We all need to play a role in making our planet more sustainable before it is too late. At this point, we have to produce environmentally sensitive products that have high added value, save energy, are approved by international authorities, and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Creating social and individual awareness of global climate change and raising the level of consciousness should be one of the biggest tasks of all sector partners. At this point, we have to implement lean transformation in all our facilities to ensure that waste is eliminated, to produce better quality products at less cost, and to create an environment of cultural understanding that will create all these. On the other hand, we should know that lean transformation is not only an issue to be dealt with in factories, but a philosophy that we should apply in every stage of our lives, and we should internalize this philosophy. I believe that this awareness and every positive step to be taken in this direction will play an active role in solving our global and vital problems such as climate change.

Can you give information about Duyar World Cafe?

By exporting to more than 85 countries and participating in numerous fairs, conferences, and events worldwide throughout the year, we have the proud opportunity to represent both our brand and our country as sponsors and exhibitors. Over the past 2 years, we have specifically organized local events in many locations, targeting our key markets. As part of these efforts, we launched our "Duyar World Café" events, creating a memorable experience in a friendly environment to enhance brand awareness and develop new collaborations with our existing and potential partners. On May 9th, we gathered industry leaders and professionals at the captivating Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, followed by a similar event on May 11th at the Skyview Address Hotel in Dubai, all under the concept of "Duyar World Café." These events provided Duyar with the opportunity to meet professionals from various industries, while sharing our vision for the future of installation engineering in the Middle East and Africa.

Our next "Duyar World Café" event is planned to take place in the capital of Qatar, Doha, in the fall, aiming to continue our tradition of promoting our brand and develop meaningful connections with industry professionals and partners.

You can reach the full interview of our Business Development and Marketing Director, Mehmet ÇİM, describing his contributions to Duyar and his journey from product to solution within the framework of 9 years of effort.

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