Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy


Hiring Policy

The Duyar Valve hiring policy is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for equal work.

Employees are treated fairly in terms of any rights provided to them. Orientation and training policies are developed to increase employees’ knowledge and skill levels and to help them with their personal development, as well as to facilitate their adaptation to their duties at Duyar Valve.

Training programs are carried out within the framework of the annual training plan. Employees are provided information and consulted with in regards to salary, career, training, health, and other similar matters, ensuring their effective involvement in the process.

Relevant provisions of the labor law are applied to prevent discrimination among employees based on race, religion, or language and to protect them from both physical and mental mistreatment in the company.

Orientation Program

Orientation Programs are organized following the hiring process to help the newly-hired personnel easily adapt to work and the company culture. During this program, the newly-hired employee is made familiar with the company in general, and the top managers in the department they have started are asked to monitor their progress and provide them with guidance.

After completing the Orientation Program, the employee then presents their impressions to the company managers. Any comments regarding the Orientation Program are used to improve the program for the subsequent period.


If you wish to be included in our Company’s general pool of candidates, you can fill out the form provided in the link below, or send your resume along with a passport photo to the address Duyar Vana Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Osmangazi Mahallesi 2653.Sokak No:7/1 Posta Kodu: 34522 Esenyurt / Istanbul - TURKEY, or through the fax number + 90 212 355 07 47 or via e-mail (ik@duyar.com).



Conditions and Application


R&D Engineer


TZY - Foundry

Foundry Worker


TZY - Manufacturing

Vocational School Graduate Manufacturing Personnel



Entry Level Workers


International Sales

Regional Sales Manager for Middle East and North Africa


International Sales

Regional Sales Manager for Europe


To become a Duyar person

Check out our job openings and apply if you wish to be part of our family.

The Duyar Valve hiring policy is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for equal work

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