Another Innovation from Duyar: Smart Valve!

Another Innovation from Duyar: Smart Valve!

"The world's population is constantly increasing, and the rate of urbanization is also increasing with the growing population. The construction sector has been able to realize high-rise buildings only with installation solutions. Technological products in the field of plumbing have enabled the development of both comfort and essential needs in different directions. Considering the rapid increase in the world population and the limitation of resources, it is a fact that the problems in both residential and industrial production areas and solutions for the efficient use of scarce resources lie in technology. New ones are added every day to solutions for digitalization in the HVAC installation field. Smart Valves are one of the innovations in this field. Duyar Vana, which constantly develops innovative products with the awareness that the development of our country is in products with high added value, continues to offer innovative products with its smart valves."

Smart Valves ensure that consumption is kept at an optimum level, energy efficiency is increased, and operating costs are reduced.

Duyar, which has an important position in the world in terms of valves, is constantly conducting R&D studies to ensure energy efficiency both in production activities and in the installations where its products are used.  In these R&D studies, it is aimed to control the installation sector by using sensors and systems according to environmental conditions to meet the needs and to put it into the service of humanity. Considering these needs, the Smart Valve System defines the installation as a network that contains various elements and works together for specific purposes. It aims to manage the installation and resource management at the maximum level by controlling and detecting each gate in the installation network.

Structure, Functions and Benefits of Smart Valves

The Smart Valve continuously measures the pressure, temperature, and flow values in the installation thanks to the hardware inside.

All these values are observed through the Internet of Things (IoT) interface and the collected data is reported. In this way, the reported values make the efficiency of the installation measurable. The data can be analyzed and even the flow, position and energy values can be changed with the analyzed results.

It measures energy use thanks to the “Q=mC∆T ” calculation. By observing the behavior of the heat source, it determines the optimum energy requirement in the system. Thus, it ensures efficient use of energy. The Smart Valve maintains the correct flow despite pressure variations. Flow variability occurs when the variability in the actuator position changes only when the demand requirements change or when it is outside the “∆T ” set point. It is used in the HVAC industry as a solution for unstable systems with optimization problems.

The Smart Valve is designed to meet the needs of the installation system. Thanks to its integrated compact structure, it observes the status of the installation. Thanks to the data collected through observations, it ensures efficient operation of the system and prevents unnecessary energy consumption.

System Components Consists of a Combination of 4 Main Components.

  1. DN050 Ultrasonic Calorimeter
  2. Proportional / On-Off Electric Actuator
  3. V-port Two-Piece DN050 Ball Valve
  4. PT1000 Temperature Sensors (T measurement)
  5. Differential Pressure Sensor

As a Solution,

where a Smart Valve is used, by monitoring the low ∆T Syndrome and the temperature difference, the valve tries to keep ∆T at the highest possible value or at the value set on the interface thanks to the IoT platform by observing the temperature difference. It increases the ∆T value by reducing the flow rate of the excessive amount of water that is continuously pumped into the system. This saves energy as the pump does not run continuously at full speed and provides comfort as the system runs more efficiently. It fulfills its functions not only in heating applications but also in cooling applications.

Thanks to its ability to reduce energy costs, the Smart Valve has become the darling of the HVAC sector due to its single structure (Combined Valve + Calorimeter + Shut-off Valve) and the possibility of observing and intervening with the IoT interface.


  • Smart Valve Position Scenario

It can see the position of the valve on the IoT interface. If necessary, the position of the valve can be adjusted within the limit values.

  • Flow Scenario

Thanks to the ultrasonic sensors on it, it provides the opportunity to measure the flow rate. This flow rate can be seen on the IoT interface. If necessary, the required flow rate can be provided to the system by adjusting the flow rate.

  • Pressure Scenario

Smart Valve performs delta P(∆P) pressure difference measurement. These measurements can be monitored on the interface. The impurities accumulated in the installation system over time will affect the pressure loss of the system. To eliminate this negative effect by continuously reading the pressure values in a cycle, the problem of pollution accumulated in the installation is eliminated by alerting other peripherals.

In the installation example given above, the particles accumulated with a strainer can be monitored with the Smart Valve. When the pressure amount increases, it gives a warning to the system and the accumulated pollution is removed with the help of an actuator until the pressure value reaches the normal value.

Removal of impurities plays an important role for the long life of the installation.

  • Delta – T(∆T ) Scenario

With the Smart Valve, ∆T is measured thanks to the temperature sensors on it. The ∆T limit value can be changed and the valve now regulates its behavior according to the set value. It automatically adjusts the flow rate so that only the amount of water required to achieve the desired power is used. It prevents the formation of low ∆T.

  • Energy Scenario

Thanks to the Ultrasonic Calorimeter, the Smart Valve can calculate energy. It can observe this value on the IoT platform. If necessary, a fixed energy value can be entered. Thus, the valve changes its behavior and performs its functions at the set energy value.

  • IoT Interface

It is simpler and more effective to use the Smart Valve's options more efficiently and to meet the requirements with the IoT interface that contains all the data to observe and optimize to meet the needs in the system.

  • Maintenance Period

The valve must be maintained to maintain its functions. Logically, the valve can predict the maintenance time by observing its own condition and gives an alarm.

  • Alarms

When the Smart Valve exceeds the values set in the scenarios or when the electrical signal is interrupted, the alarm scenario is activated. Thanks to the warning system, it provides the opportunity for early intervention to communicate the problems that occur, to prevent these problems from progressing further and to protect the functions of the installation system.

  • Drag and Drop Feature

In the IoT interface, the installation architecture can be set up and the values provided by the Smart Valve can be observed and the simulation of the installation can be provided through the interface.

The benefit is not only in its functions, but also in the ease of procurement and shortening of the procurement period by being in a single structure with Control Valve + Calorimeter + Shut-off Valve and its own interface, providing a solution to the problems experienced by our stakeholders.  


Smart Valves, which rank first as an innovative solution in the installation sector, also play an active role in digitalization. It has become the heart of the sector in the sense that the problems in the system can be analyzed under the direction of the data coming from the digital environment, the requirements of the system can be easily determined, and it is an answer to these requirements. In the light of the data received, communication within the installation and artificial intelligence studies with the data obtained, thinking, self-deciding installations and new scenarios can be developed.

The Smart Valves, one of Duyar’s high value-added product development efforts, provide solutions to the problems experienced by our stakeholders with the convenience provided such as fast product supply, easy assembly, shortening labor times.