Increase Your Performance With Duyar Valve

Increase Your Performance With Duyar Valve


Duyar Valve offers you a high level of service and product. Duyar Valve, which makes a difference with its development passion and production power; increase your business efficiency, and provide the most convenient and most practical solutions you need. With our FM Approved and UL Listed products, we are continuing our efforts to become the world's best producer in the global market.

Fire Group Products

Olabilecek yangın anında yerinde ve hızlı müdahale edilebilmesi için tasarlanan ve üretilen yangın grubunda, Duyar Vana olarak Türkiye'nin ilk yerli üretici firması konumundayız. 

As a Duyar Valve, produce fire group product which provide quick intervention. We are Turkey's first fire group manufacturer. 

OS&Y Valve and Test and Drain Valve which is include in fire product, has FM approved and UL listed.

Also, Our NRS Valve has FM approve. Sprinkler producs 

Ayrıca Yükselmeyen Milli Sürgülü Vana ürünümüz için FM onayını almış bulunmaktayız. Sprinkler is one of Turkey's first TSE and UL-FM certified fire group products.


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