Vision Mission

Our Vision:

Successfully providing a product to the market, faster, in the most suitable fashion and over and above the world standards and becoming the center for information.

Our Mission:

By optimizing the resources of Duyar Vana, to provide competitive design, development and enhancement of the Duyar Vana products.

Present Product Development Abilities

  • New product design from scratch
  • Customized product applications
  • Product enhancements on current products
  • Continuous improvement
  • Cost reduction studies
  • Standardization and certification studies
  • Changes to the product in response to feedbacks received from the service and marketing departments
  • Proto-type production, testing and validation on new products
  • Material analysis

Our Product Development Methodology

  • Benchmarking
  • Value analysis
  • Project management
  • Product management
  • Market surveys
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Fairs, symposium, congresses and articles
  • Domestic and international patent applications

Technology and Equipment Infrastructure

  • UG NX CAD license, 3 users
  • UG NX CAM license, 1 user
  • UG strength wizard endurance analyzer, 1 user
  • Fluid Dynamics Calculations with CF Design and thermal analysis calculating module, 1 user
  • Metal hardness measurement equipment
  • Chemical analysis equipment for metals
  • Tensile strength equipment
  • Strength measurement equipment for rubber materials

The activities where the technological substructure are utilized

  • Computer aided design activities (CAD)
  • Computer aided manufacturing technologies (CAM)
  • Fluids mechanics
  • Material and metallurgic sciences
  • Surface treatment technologies
  • Geometric sizing and tolerance
  • Strength, tension and stress analysis
  • Fluid dynamics calculations
  • Thermal analysis calculation procedures
  • 3-dimensional measuring system